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When asked if he was any good at ski tuning, Johnny’s response was, “I’d better be, I’ve been doing it for 22 years.”

“There’s nothing like it,” says George Kuckly, longtime Telluride skier who knows a good tune.

Hand Tuning.

Ski and snowboard tuning is a fine craft that goes way beyond the ho-hum methods of most shops. The practiced methods behind the perfect hand tune are what makes locals and visitors giggle like kids up there on the hill. We can repair most any carnage you can bring us and we are knowledgeable and affordable.

To Buy or Rent.

Beyond tuning and repair we’ve partnered with Meier Skis, a company striving to be the maker of the world’s most eco-friendly high performance skis. We also carry Stalk It who similarly produces innovative, eco-friendly boards and skis constructed from a bio-mass product that is typically waste.


During the winter we’re always working except for 11:30-2 when we close for our daily ski break.


Typical Day at the Bike Shop.

“How ya doing Johnny?” (says everyone who walks into the shop)

“Pretty good,” he says, “I need to play more though.”

Any bike, any time.

Service, Service, Service. Nobody wants to do what we do. We’ll work on any bike, we do great work, and we have the lowest prices in town because of our hustle and grit. We’re proud of our unique partnerships with Intense Cycles and Poc Sports to deliver the best in mountain biking.


We have the most complete rental fleet in town from full suspension mountain bikes to townies to tandems and kids bikes. 1/2 day, full day, all week, all summer, whatever you want just bring it back when you’re done.

Tune Team.

Johnny, Nate and Sierra…3 mechanics makes for quick turnaround times on tunes and repairs.


ShakaHockey specializes in best in class skate sharpening.

We use a combination of machines and hand tuning to make your skates perfect every time. We partner with Blademaster, Prosharp, and Sparx Hockey to deliver a noticeably better on-ice experience. Hockey is all about skating and skating has a lot to do with your skates feeling great.

ShakaHockey Equipment Sales.

Curated new and used collection of gear selected for function, fit and price. Hockey can be an expensive sport to start and stick with, but it’s worth it. We pride ourselves on delivering the best used gear at really good prices as well as carrying the current line of the major brands at the same prices of the big box competition. Hockey proshops are the backbone of the game’s culture and we enjoy keeping the flame lit.

Working with Grayson.

Everyone has a hand in the service you’ll get in the shop, but mostly you’ll connect with Grayson. In surfing the term is soul surfer, Grayson has been playing hockey since he was 2 years old. “I love the game for it’s it’s subtle magic and endless requirements,” he says. If he’s not at the shop look for him at the rink. Call or text 646.369.7336. Learn more at: Shaka Hockey.